0001: 1st Blog Post, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! And may all of you reading this have a prosperous 2020!

Welcome to the first posting of my blog on the Wealth and Freedom Nexus. I hope that you find the content valuable and insightful for you as you start on your journey of financial independence.

I created this website for two reasons. First, because I believe financial education is VITAL to EVERYONE today and unfortunately is lacking in our current education system. The second reason is to highlight my journey since 2014 and share with others what has worked for me to break from the 4 financial “ball and chains” that hinder most of us from getting ahead financially and being stuck in the “rat race.”

Because of this, every investment and resource on this website will share these characteristics:

  1. That I have personally used these and vetted them. If you don’t see it listed here, I have not personally invested and/ or worked with the company first-hand.
  1. All investments are available to non-accredited investors

My hope is to come out with a new blog every week starting in 2020, in addition, my LinkedIn articles and my weekly email newsletter, highlighting new topics, investments, books and podcasts that I have come across.

At any time if you have any questions, feel free to reach out, I love to connect with others and help answer any questions they have on investing and finance.

To Your Wealth And Freedom

Financial Education for your Financial Freedom

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